• Leileng LeeLeileng Lee

    很棒的liveband演出💪💪 , amcee人很亲切 ,一场完美的婚礼晚宴演出 ,棒棒哒 😄😄😄😄

  • Garrick LimGarrick Lim

    We had Jacky, Jason and Lorraine to perform on our wedding and Grace as the emcee. They were fantastic and professional to the highest standard. Our guests enjoyed their live band performance throughout the evening (with some special blend of solo instrumental performance by Jacky).

    In overall, we are extremely satisfied and definitely highly recommended!

  • Stephy Yan QiStephy Yan Qi

    Superb and talented team. A big thumb up for Jacky and his team for creating an unforgettable wedding dinner night. A lot of love and praises from the guests.

  • Eunice ChowEunice Chow

    Thankyou for Rhumba Team🥰 Our families and friends commended yr liveband👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and especially I loved our march in performance very much too! Thankyou again for your team gave us amazing performance on our Bigday❤️

  • Edmund KhawEdmund Khaw

    Very good live music performances and skillful in multiple musical instruments as well. Highly recommended for events and weddings

  • RueyShen OwRueyShen Ow

    可惜結婚當晚我們忙到根本沒時間坐下來欣賞他們的表演,不過婚宴結束過後我問10個有來出席我婚宴的親戚朋友10個都說Rhumba的表演很好,歌曲很好聽,他們都很享受。還有我們要感謝Emcee - Grace,她真的很專業,用英語華語和在場的來賓交流,幫我們控制場面。還提醒我們節目的流程和事先的準備等等。很感謝Rhumba Live Band 的表演和 Emcee讓我們的婚禮成功舉行,大家都很滿意。🥰🥰🥰 Mavis Ho

  • Yong How YenYong How Yen

    The team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Amazing live band Emcee service for my wedding!

    Fantastic performance keeping our guests entertained and in awe, especially super talented Jacky playing with the various musical instrument.

    Super highly recommended.

  • Renee WongRenee Wong

    Thanks Jacky & his team live band performance. Love it so much. 😍Highly recommended.

  • Tc GanTc Gan

    We hired Jacky Rhumba band team for my wedding since i had seen them in many wedding occasion before, believe me they never let you down. We have a nice memories during our big day and thank to the whole team Jacky, Kenny and Grace our emcee. Rhumba Live Band

  • Sean LimSean Lim

    Rhumba liveband 真的很棒,很友善,也很配合客人的種種要求。Jacky 會彈奏的樂器就像會十八般武藝的高手,主唱Catherine 也是一位很棒的歌手。Jacky 的預約經常滿滿的。真的需要提早預約。

  • Eunice ChowEunice Chow

    Thankyou for your team🥰 Our friends commended yr liveband👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and I loved our march in performance very much too! Thankyou again for your team gave us amazing performance about last night❤️

  • Chiayi GohChiayi Goh

    Definitely highly recommended! Fantastic performance keeping our guests entertained and in awe, especially super talented Jacky playing with various musical instrument. Good job and thank you guys!

  • Yichun NgYichun Ng

    Awesome band! Asked for 2 piece with reasonable price and everyone got impressed by Jacky's talent in playing various instruments. Totally worth it. Love my march in with the saxophone play.

  • Karen KhorKaren Khor

    very professional and good service . highly recommended.

  • evon chuaevon chua

    I'm so glad to have my wedding live band with Rhumba!!! Everything was perfect and on point. The vocalist, keyboardist, and Saxophonist. You cant imaging how happening was the event with them, my guests enjoyed so much throughout the night even though it was typhoon out there. I received so so much compliments and PMs bout the band.

    Once again, thank you so much for everything! Will definitely spread out to my members and recommend you guys to other people!

  • Yean ZeerenceYean Zeerence

    I’m glad that my friend recommended Rhumba Live Band to me. They have made my wedding reception so lively and lovely. Not to forget to mention that their vocals was good until most of my guests told me so. I was impressed as well that my March in song was played so well with the saxophone. We really love it. Excellent work guys! 👍🏻

  • Adrian LykAdrian Lyk

    Very good performance by the live band. I chose a 3 piece live band with awesome saxophone entrance music and variety of music instruments! Jacky is very talented and definitely worth every penny you pay to lighten up your wedding dinner! You wont regret choosing thema

  • Lina KohLina Koh

    If you scroll thru their page and saw a client change their wedding date just because to have them perform at her wedding....
    Yeap, that’s me ! My initial wedding date they were no longer available. I really wanted Jacky to perform on my wedding, so i decided to change my wedding date.
    I’ve no regret and i’m glad i did so.
    All my guest love and enjoyed their performance.
    Especially Jacky ! Received too many good comment about them after my wedding.
    Nothing makes us happier than getting tons of compliments about our wedding ❤️

    Thank you Rhumba Live Band!
    Thank you Jacky !

  • Angie HueeAngie Huee

    Highly recommended live band for weddings. Special 8 types musical instruments performance, updated with latest new songs and many choices of classical songs, fluent in both English & Chinese songs (mandarin, Cantonese, hokkien). Friendly and humble team, easy to deal with. Best saxophonist with amazing performance of Kenny G's songs.

  • Sam KuokSam Kuok